Blokki are houses based on recycled iso shipping containers. Minimalistic as they are, Blokki offer a broad variety of use. They will serve their purpose as a weekend retreat, as well as a full-fledged family home.

The overall structure design is discussed with experienced architects. A modern, relocatable, partially sustainable home is therefore guaranteed. Blokki is usually mounted upon durable concrete blocks, extended by a wooden outdoor deck. The Interior is equipped with a modern and functional outfit. Fresh and timeless design hand in hand with quality craftsmanship is crucial for us.

Interior layout may surprise you with playful use of space with emphasis on quality natural materials. Advanced eco-friendly facilities are an option ensuring more self-sufficient and bills-cutting approach. Modular solar, wind, micro-hydro, solar water-heating, battery storage, eco water treatment, green roofs... You name it.




Blokki adapts to your family. Your original 2blokki can be added with extra units as your family grows and more space is needed.



As consumer-based world of the 21st century produces more and more, even shipping containers eventually pile up. Waste for some, valuable material for us.


New energy standards

Thanks to Blokki's quality insulation materials, B energy label is ensured.



Are you getting tired of the old neighborhood? With Blokki you could be elsewhere in a matter of days.



You're set within 3 months.



Blokki is a real-life Lego. Run your imagination wild with the setup and we will let you know if it's doable.

Technical solution

Our container home serves as a full-fledged living or a cabin slash weekend getaway. What should it be for you, is the first question on the list.

Imagine Blokki as a real-life Lego, with each piece (in this case an insulated 30 square meter container) adding up to something much bigger.

Blokki construction system lies profoundly on the sturdiness of the 12 meter container's steel construction.

Supporting frame is after all the first stage of every construction. At our premises, we set up those boxes according to your desired layout and start by cutting out every last inch of sheet metal, that is to be replaced with windows and doors.

Supporting features are welded on and in spray-foam insulation it goes. Inner walls, wiring, plumbing, windows, floors, ceilings, drywalls, facade, roofing etc. swiftly follow. Just like your regular house.

At this point, we take the finished house apart again and transport it via trucks & cranes to your place.

Building Foundations

Blokki usually sits on 400/400/900 mm or 500/300/900 mm concrete blocks. Six pieces each. Four for every corner, two in the middle.

Wall structure

Load-bearing walls are made of original outer sheet-metal walls in sandwich composition:

- cladded wooden facade
- spruce battening fixed with angle weld-on brackets
- firm insulation PUR foam 100mm
- mineral wool insulation 50mm
- vapor barrier foil
- drywall 15mm
- painting or carpenter plywood


Construction of the roof is made of original steel-frame and top sheet. Flat roof is insulated with firm insulation foam. Over the top comes OSB chipboard covered by PVC Roofing Membrane.

The roof is tilted by 3° towards the gutters and towards the galvanised sheet metal cladded attica.

Energy Label B

Blokki homes comply with the low energy household standards. The whole exterior is carefully insulated with firm spray foam. In the interior, mineral wool is used for its soundproofing abilities. Building energy performance certificate (PENB) is included in the documentation.


For a better idea of what Blokki stands for feel free to visit our 2blokki cabin, hiding away in the woods, a stone's throw away from the small town of Havlíčkův Brod, Vysočina Region.

Our cabin made of 2 full-size shipping containers offers 52,5 square meters of living space, providing all the necessities of modern living. Two separate bedrooms, bathroom incl. shower, spacious living room with full-size kitchen, dining table, sofa and fire stove, small tech room incl. washing machine and a walk-in closet.

The cabin is not hooked to a municipal water and sewage systems, therefore a well has been drilled. Wastewater is cleaned in our own biological wastewater treatment unit and returned to the soil.

If you're interested in a tour, let us know at


We offer three basic versions of amenities

flooring – wall-o-wall glued vinyl
flooring – tongue & groove vinyl
flooring – no surface flooring
walls – drywall (white)
walls – drywall with carpenter-grade plywood
walls – drywall (unpainted)
ceiling – drywall (white)
ceiling – drywall (unpainted)
interior door – veneered paper honeycomb
interior door – laminated (CPL Premium) DTD board
main door & windows – plastic frame, insulated double-glass
main door & windows – wooden frame, insulated double-glass
plumbing systems including plumbing fixtures
plumbing systems excluding plumbing fixtures
complete electrical installation (without lights)
complete electrical installation including ceiling lights in the bathroom, hallway and tech room
electrical installation without end elements and convector heaters
electric convector heaters
ventilated facade, cladded with pressure treated Norwegian spruce
      Equipment specifications of versions CLASSIC and DESIGN (click to download a specific leaflet)

Story behind Blokki

In the beginning, there were two girls, mum and daughter, dreaming of escaping the hustle and bustle of today's world. The goal was to create a barebone but cosy retreat in the countryside. They both had experience living in a large house as well as in an apartment and aimed to find something in between. 

New cabin should be close to nature and desirably as maintenance and repair free as possible.

There were many ways to approach it, but as they desired something fresh, and there was a way to help nature out with at least a little bit of trash, container based structure quickly raced up the list.

Reclaimed container homes had been a thing around the globe for quite some time by then and there seemed to be plenty of its satisfied residents. Japanese minimalism along with some Scandinavian northern vibe both proved vital and the first Blokki was soon to see the light of day.