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Blokki mini

Do you fantasize about a small, cosy cabin somewhere far away from it all? Is your land complete off the grid? Self-sufficient Blokki mini could be your answer.
Blokki mini is a type structure equipped with sustainable off-grid technologies. Load bearing construction is a 9 meter long shortened shipping container. Why 9 meters? The answer is the floor plan. Such length gives us about 25 m², which is usually the maximal square footage for a non-permit, simplified paperwork. If your plan is to fit Blokki in your backyard, there is no permit required. In case of a bare piece of land, you will need a municipal consent.
Mini layout offers a living space with a kitchenette, bathroom and a tech room. Power is supplied by solar panels and a small scale wind turbine and stored in 12V batteries. Cosy atmosphere as well as proper heat is delivered by a simple wood-burning stove with a cooktop. Wood-burner can be replaced or added by a comfortable floor heating. Blokki mini is able to collect rainwater, which is retained in a spacious interior tank, cleansed and used for dishwashing and flushing. If you own a land without any kind of drinking water access, Mini is equipped with hookups for its delivery. Effective osmosis water purifying device is also a possibility, that makes even rainwater drinkable. Toilet is solved by a cassette or composting unit with end product composted in your nearby composting pit or taken away.
Construction and insulation technologies allow for year-round usage. Interior rises up to 2,5 meters of clear height, providing sufficient storage capabilities. Plot preparation is very simple, as concrete blocks or even ground screw anchors will do the job.

- floor plan: main living area, bathroom, tech-room
- square footage: 25 m²
- price: 1.200.000 CZK without VAT
- Mini's design and equipment is specific, more info here

Please reach us via our contact form, or via info@blokki.cz for a detailed price list and off-grid technical specs.

(the visualisations in this presentation are purely indicative)