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modular warehouses

The production of the Blokki modular system is flexible and variable, enabling a quick and efficient solution for building the building and for your business. As part of Blokki Industry, we offer modular warehouses for various purposes and uses. We produce a wide range of sizes and levels of equipment. We are ready to discuss atypical or individual needs with you and propose a tailor-made solution. Possible extras include security systems, internet connection, but also help with financing. Transport is a matter of course.

Examples of variants of the use of modular warehouses:
- warehouse of products and packaging
- warehouse of spare parts
- intermediate storage of supplies
- motorcycle or quad bike parking
- bicycle storage
- warehouse of seasonal items
- temporary place when moving
- storage cubicles
- cellar

Example of realization of warehouses intended for rent.

The image below shows a possible solution, type ISLT 30/6, internal space - 6 storage cubicles of 4,5m2