We would like to make the dreaming and planning part as pleasant as possible for you, so down-bellow we pinpointed a couple of your most common questions. Is it still unclear? Feel free to contact as at info@blokki.cz

blokki building

How much does it all cost?

Price depends on the layout and finish you choose. We are happy to share our pricelists with you. Just leave us a note at info@blokki.cz or let us know via our contact form in Contacts.

What's the delivery time?

Modular Blokki homes are done within 2-3 months. Delivery time can be slightly longer if they get unexpectedly piled up by containers.

What is the life span of a Blokki home?

The life span of our homes depends on used materials, you will find more info further down.

Is living in a Blokki home harmless and does it meet hygiene standards?

Blokki is made of harmless, freely available and time-tested building materials. Our products meet all legal and harmlessness requirements and the whole building process is executed according to project documentation, which is being handed over to the customer in full. Completeness and harmlessness are confirmed in the so-called Declaration of conformity.

What is used for heating?

Basic heating system is a combination of convector heaters and a wood-burning stove. Price of wood-burner is accounted for in the Design finish. Bathroom heat is usually supplied by an electrical heating ladder. Instead of convectors, floor heating or ceiling panel heating is an option.

How is it all insulated?

Our wall, ceiling, and floor insulation allow year-round use and meets B – energy label standards. The backbone of the structure is a 40-foot steel frame shipping container, completely wrapped around in a thick layer of firm spray foam insulation. Interior wall insulation serves as an acoustic barrier between the rooms. If you wish to go into more detail, please leave us a message.

Where does all the rain water go?

Flat roof is slightly tilted towards the drains allowing the water to run off the roof. All around the roof there is a galvanized sheet metal cladded attica. Gutter pipes are usually hidden behind the facade and it is up to you, how you want to deal with rainwater. Either you let it drain directly to the sewer, or you let it soak at your property. Best solution, however, is to trap this valuable liquid in a tank for later use. As water becomes scarce, we strongly suggest the third option, you will not regret it.


What is the clear height of the rooms?

The interior clear height is approximately 2,6 meters.

your land

What is all required in order to put up a Blokki home on my land?

It is important, that your land is in an area where further construction of any kind is agreed upon by the local Zoning plan. Ask for more information at your County Planning and Zoning Department. Another crucial condition is your access road, which has to be able to let through a large truck and even a much heavier crane.

What if there is no power supply at my property?

There is always wood to keep you warm, a camper stove, and some candles. All that is possible, romantic even... and some of you may like it. But what if you don't want to say goodbye to your fridge and washing machine? We suggest you consider an alternative source of power. Thankfully there is plenty of possibilities these days. Solar, wind, micro-hydro, battery storage, generator etc.

How is it with water and wastewater?

If you own a property with no water supply & waste pipes, there is no need to worry. Supply can be solved by a relatively affordable drill well and if there is no sewage around, we suggest you invest in an eco-friendly bacteria or other based wastewater treatment unit. Cheaper but less practical is an underground septic... definitely not that cool, as you will have to deal with a particularly stinky visit every now and then. Why not let nature take care of it, right? We will be there to help you, however, it is often required to coordinate these steps with your local Building Authority.

Which kind of property suits Blokki?

All Blokki needs is a set of concrete foundation blocks, which we can help you with. Technical drawing of these blocks is part of every Project documentation. If you do not dare, we can finish them for you. 

financing and permits

Is it possible to finance Blokki through a regular mortgage?

Yes, it is. The only catch is, that not every bank is willing to accept this unconventional home as a mortgage guarantee. In terms of the Czech Republic, Hypoteční Banka, Raiffeisen or Česká spořitelna has proven to be flexible enough. If you wouldn't dare to approach the bank yourself, we can acquaint you with our allied finance professionals.


Do I need a building permit?

With respect to square footage and simple foundations, Blokki is usually legalized only by municipal consent by your local authorities. In the Czech republic, however, each Building authority is allowed to regard each project individually.

Can you help me with my building permit?

If you do not dare to face the bureaucratic beast yourself, we can go through the whole process for you, however, this service is included in the price.

transport and unload

How much does it cost to transport a Blokki?

The price depends on how far your property is from our manufacture in Havlíčkův Brod. It costs roughly about 200 CZK/km/truck. As far as crane service goes, we try to find one as closest to your property as possible. Apart from mileage, the crane price can differ according to your access road and the complexity of the unload.

Does an access road to my property influence the transport?

It does, a crucial influence, unfortunately. If you're not sure if something that big can somehow get through, please contact us, so we can check it out for you.

Minimal access road dimensions

For a successful transport, we need at least 3,5 wide a 4,5 m tall passage. Length of the truck including the cabin is approx. 24 m. With that length, it is often impossible to clear sharper curves as you would with your car. The good news is, that if the truck makes it, the crane does as well. Crane however usually needs at least 8 x 8 m for a safe outrigger stabilization.

Access road assessment

In case you are decided for Blokki, but are not sure, if we can make it up there with machinery, let us know, and we can check it up for you. If all goes well, we will refund you this expense in form of a discount.


What is the lifespan of a Blokki home?

The lifespan of our houses depends on multiple factors:

Frame construction is made out of multiple sturdy steel shipping containers. Even though they've already gone through some hardships at sea, they are still more than capable of serving as a house. For decades to come.

Thorough spray insulation traps the entire steel frame and protects the metal itself from moisture. Especially though, it prevents any kind of potentially harmful cold-metal condensation. This method prolongs the lifespan by at least another 50 years.

PUR foam spray-type of insulation is the way to go when it comes to steel structures, as mentioned above. In the Czech Republic, it has been used to insulate the famous Ještěd Transmitter Tower more than 50 years ago. Still in fine shape doing the job.

As facade cladding we use pressure-treated northern spruce, which has shown to be a long-lasting material, bravely repelling any type of mold, fungi, wood-damaging insects as well as the weather. If done right, it lasts up to 35-50 years. Siberian larch cladding however is a bit more expensive but better in a long run. As it doesn't require any treatment and does the job, in its natural state, for over 50 years. 

Flat-roof Blokki homes are roofed by a 1,5 mm – 2,0 mm Monarplan FM PVC Roofing Membrane. This type of covering has a manufacture guarantee for 20-30 years.

As with any other house, roofing material is the first one to go. With a new foil up top preventing any future leaks, you're set for another couple of decades without any significant investment in sight. All construction materials used except the container are new, certified, and guaranteed for the European climate.