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3blokki home H

3blokki home H is a one-of-a-kind structure, suitable both as roomy cabin or a family house. It is made of 3 full-size units with H shaped 12,8 x 10,3-floor plan, calling for a terrace to fill in the gaps. An awning is optional if you wish to spend time outside when the weather thinks otherwise. The middle container has been cut in half and properly reinforced which gave birth to a spacious central living area well suited even for a bigger family. For an easy-going morning routine, another bathroom has been added and its wide-spanning roof is ideal for catching some rays with solar panels.

- floor plan: large living area (living room, dining room, kitchen) 3x bedroom, 2x bathroom, separate WC, entryway, tech-room
- square footage: 105 m²
- basic price: 2.110.000 CZK without VAT (more details in What is Blokki / Interior section)

Please reach us via our contact form, or via info@blokki.cz for a detailed price list.

(the visualisations in this presentation are purely indicative)