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2blokki home P

2blokki home P is Blokki with residential attic. This modular structure merges Blokki's modern style with the traditional looks of a gable roof house. Blokki's minimal and clean appearance is maintained and the structure fits well within its rural settings. The roof is tilted sharply by 45° with sheet metal roofing and zero overlap. Interior offers a spacious living area, kitchenette and dining area. Further downstairs, you will find an entryway, bathroom and a bedroom/study/guestroom. The attic offers two, sunroof brightened bedrooms. The heart of the house is of course a proper wood-burner.

- floor plan: main living area, 3x bedroom, bathroom, entryway, tech-room
- square footage: 69 m²
- basic price: 2.700.000 CZK without VAT (more details in What is Blokki / Interior section)

Please reach us via our contact form, or via info@blokki.cz for a detailed price list.

(the visualisations in this presentation are purely indicative)